Three Minus One: Stories of Parents' Love and Loss

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Edited by Sean Hanish, and Brooke Warner
Inspired by the film RETURN TO ZERO—the first Hollywood film to tackle the taboo subject of stillbirth—Three Minus One is a poignant, inspiring anthology that offers much-needed insight into the unique, shattering, and life-changing experience of losing a child.  This brand-new book is a collection of intimate stories, poems, art, and photographs by parents who shared in the heartbreaking and often lonely experience of the death of their baby.  Raw, honest, and soul-wrenching, this book is intended to open the hearts of friends and family to the reality of the experience of loss, and also to invite parents who have also lost a child to the knowledge that they are not alone in their heartache. This book is an intimate journey through love and loss, and yet an ultimately hopeful journey for parents seeking understanding, comfort and healing.

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